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Title: 2011-06-02T14:37:23.810-07:00
6/2/11 Mann Packing Co. the fried rice in today's order is from over night, its quality/taste isn't good.
Title: 2010-12-17T15:44:07.714-08:00
My very large Italian family has been eating at this restaurant since the 80's with my great grandfather Henry Sbranna ordering the whole menu until he passed recently, and it has been a place i still stop by while passing through town. I've been all over America, and, being the son of a Navy man, have ate my share of the chinese foods across the U.S. Nothing has ever lived up to this small chinese food restaurant's menu, from perfect pork fried rice to the various types of egg foo young, I've ate everything on their menu. Just outside Monterey, Ca. in Salinas is a nice quiet evening for you chinese food lovers at the Golden Star, enjoy.
Title: 2010-11-03T18:53:11.505-07:00
Golden Star is the best chinese food in Salinas. It is always very fresh,the prices are soooo reasonable,servise is great and the amount of food you get is crazy! The decor is 1960's...but I kinda think it adds to the charm of the restaurant and the dedicated people that have worked there for so many years! GO TRY IT!!!!!
Title: 2010-10-29T21:10:39.804-07:00
this is the best chinese restaurant in salinas,,its also very unexpensive and the people treat you really good.
Title: 2010-10-29T21:10:28.304-07:00
this is the best chinese restaurant in salinas,,its also very unexpensive and the people treat you really good.
Title: 2010-10-06T15:24:28.835-07:00
1st time there and best i ever had!!!
Title: 2010-08-22T23:03:44.047-07:00
Hello,I've been going to this restaurant for 50 yr.Ever since I was a child.My parents went there as well.The food has not changed it's made fresh and uses the freshest vegetables around.The soups are to die for...and the prices are very reasonable and not to mention the greetings I receive every time I visit there Sandy has always a warm smile and a very beautiful way that she greets everyone there, she makes you feel like well"Family"...A must to go place...I take all my friends there.
Title: 2010-07-12T11:11:18.877-07:00
Very good food and service. Golden Star has the best crispy noodles in town.
Title: 2010-06-25T04:07:41.916-07:00
The waitress is very beautiful and the food is good also!
Title: 2010-06-04T00:44:51.434-07:00
Heathy food, great service, I love it.
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